3 Road Refuelling Shed In Test Cut

laser cut 3 road refuelling shed

The next shed design will come in the form of a 3 road refuelling shed. The design takes inspiration from the one that was at Saltley depot with a Steve twist to it.

alaser cut 3 road refuelling shed

It will have castellated beams across, the first for a Railway Laser Lines kit, and also have NO BRICKS! I’ve seen enough bricks for now and thought that this would look good as a complete cladded building.

laser cut 3 road refuelling shed

As you can see from the images, the test cut has been primed and painted and in the process of being put together. Hopefully, more design on this kit will be done over the coming weekend and we can cut the roof, roof vents and do the cladding for the skeleton framework..