700mm Long Sleeper Spacer Tool!

OO Gauge 700mm Flexi Sleeper Spacer Tool - Railway Laser Lines

Have we gone mad? We certainly hope not, that’s for sure!
After a number of fellow modellers have been in touch requesting that we make a longer sleeper spacer, we have come up with a mighty 700mm one that even can bend (to a degree! Common sense prevails here.)
This should make that arduous task of sleeper spacer that little bit easier and on testing, we found that this could more than likely do a 4th radius curve too. However, we must stipulate, this tool is not designed to be flexed too much otherwise it will snap and we certainly don’t want that happening, so should you purchase one of these, please bear this in mind as we will not accept any liability whatsover should this be the case.
As we mentioned above…….please use some common sense.