A New OO Gauge Product Designed In Less Than 24Hrs!

A new OO gauge laser cut building coming soon from Railway Laser Lines

I took on a task of designing a building that a customer wanted to have for his layout and liked the idea of doing this as it was a small building and depot related, that always goes down well with me!

So, having been given a number of images, decided over the course of the evening to study all the bricks, another popular hobby of mine…..brick studying! and then getting down to planning the building and coming up with the design for laser cutting.

So, within 24 hours of starting, I had managed to complete the design, all 16 files that make up this tiny building and it goes to show that even a small building can have many files that make up its construction.

I’m hoping to do a test-cut this coming week and see if it needs any minor tweaks and then hopefully we’ll be able to get this to launch by the end of the month, sooner if possible.

There’s a pixelated image and I wonder what it can be?

Stay safe.