Another New OO Gauge Kit On The Design Table!

Low Relief Backscene Laser Cut Building - Railway Laser Lines

It’s a bit like buses at railway Laser Lines….you’ll get nothing in the way of new kits and then all of a sudden they all start coming along!

Busy is not the word. I’ve lost count of the number of baseboards that have gone out over the past few months so a big thank you to those that have purchased these and we hope that you enjoy making those small dioramas, or in some people’s cases who have ordered 3+ boards, a good size layout!
A thank you also to those who have purchased kits from us too, it is very much appreciated.

So, anyway, back to the next design that is currently on the table and this will be a backscene building to fill that horrible gap between your layout and the back board. It’s the part that either gets a printed scene on it or simply painted blue. So, I’ve been busy designing a low-relief modular building that could be a multitude of things….part of a depot building, a warehouse etc.
The kit will allow you the option to purchase a number of kits and increase the footprint lengthways for your backscene and really bring it alive.

The first test cut was done this week and very pleased with how it came out. Just a couple of minor tweaks to get right and I’ll then be able to cut another kit and make sure all is well before doing all the parts list and instructions.

I may even look at doing an option to add futher height to this building to give some variation but that’s for another day to think about.

Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for the latest news on this kit.

Stay safe.