Modular Backscene Diesel Depot Under Construction

It’s something that I had been looking at for some time as when it comes to backscenes, it’s either a nice photographic one or a backscene that has simply been painted blue! When I built Thornley V2, the backscene came to life with a huge length of warehouses that were about 9mm and it gave it that 3D kind of effect and really transformed the layout. As a ‘diesel depot’ specialist, I had thought about doing some kind of diesel depot shed, where it was simply a ‘side’ of a depot but with a small bit of depth could make someone’s layout look as though it should be much wider! Anyway, the side design drawing was done many months ago as I had looked into making it a full kit, however, at present, I have come up with the design of just a side wall that incorporates a nice layer of bricks, a whole length of depot windows and the remaining section being a clad-effect.

Now, I did one at 720mm, the max that I can laser cut in one section and did this today and was really impressed by how this had come out. Then I thought……”How about making this modular so that the end user can decide how long they would want their depot to be”. So, moving forward, this will more than likely be amended slightly design wise and then be offered as a modular kit. Plus, this will save on postage as a 720mm length would have to be sent via courier and therefore a minimum charge of £9.95 would occur, yet if I made this modular, then postage would start at under a fiver!
Watch this space or our Facebook page for more information on this product.

Happy Modelling.