Concrete Panels & Posts in OO & O Gauge

O Gauge pack of 10x 6concrete panels - Railway Laser Lines

Having created the small O gauge Wagon Repair Shed diorama on one of our new diorama baseboards, after doing the scenery for the overgrown siding I thought it needed something else and rather than boring fence posts with wire meshing thought I would go for something really 70’s style and that was to have concrete panel fencing that could be seen all around the network along side railways to seperate it from the roads/buildings etc.

So, a design of what I wanted after seeing a few images, came up with a 3 panel concrete syle fence. On Wednesday I managed to cut a sample and bring home to start painting to see how it would look and I reckon this will do the job nicely. Having also since seen some more images of the real item, a lot of the concrete panelling were actually in blocks of 6, so have decided to do a 3 panel and 6 panel pack in both OO and O gauge, with the OO gauge version also available in a pack with missing panels…..just to spice things up a bit and be more prototypical.
OO Gauge concrete paneling
The O gauge pack, with some careful cutting, will allow you to remove panels too and I did this on the demo diorama.

These will be available from Monday 20th April to order.