Creating an O Gauge Depot Entrance Kit

O Gauge Depot Entrance Kit - Railway Laser Lines

It’s been on the list of things to design but a recent conversation from fellow O gauge modeller Andrew Harbutt, asking me could I make a fake depot entrance for his new O gauge layout that he’s creating. He wanted to create the illusion of the layout being bigger and what better way than to have a depot building looking like the entrance to what would be a large engine shed but is infact a 80mm deep entrance.

The way that it has been designed means that you could use this to perhaps create the opening of the depot doors leading off to a fiddle yard, traverser etc and this way would give you the rest of the layout to build and not worry about having to fins that room for a fiddle yard and how you section it off.

The depot entrance is largely based on the 3 road shed that is at Haymarket and is still in use today. Back in the glory diesel days of the 80’s, you would see a plethora of 47’s, along with classes 26, 27, 37, 40 and even the great Deltics.

The kit will come in either a 2 road or 3 road option and has a skeleton framework and then is covered mostly in bricks. From memory, there is nearly 60 parts to the 3 road option, so this will keep you busy for a while!

We may at some point do this kit in OO gauge too, watch the Facebook page for any further news on that.