Dean Park Awaits The Railway Laser Lines 2 Road Depot

Dean Park YouTube Build Railway Laser Lines Two Road Diesel Depot

Railway Laser Lines are proud to be associated with David Watson, one of the UK’s top railway modellers, who’s layout Dean Park features heavily on YouTube.
David’s channel now has over 17,000 subscribers who look to him for modelling guidance and inspiration and we recently sent David one of our latest kits – the 2 road modern diesel depot for him to build and adorn his Dean Park loft layout.
Today, David released the first of a two part series video on the depot build and you can watch the video below.
You’ll agree, the attention to detail that David strives to is second to none, hence his slogan ‘Driven by Detail’ and has all the equipment to hand to help him guide himself through the depot build.
We can’t wait to watch part two and see the completed build finally on Dean park.
If you don’t subscribe to Dean Park then click here to visit David’s YouTube channel.

Another product will be heading his way very soon in the form of the smaller version of our office block kit – Colchester 104, which will be known as Colchester 85, based on the width of the kit and that the latter is designed to butt up against a back scene or wall. I’m sure we’ll get to see another video from david in due course.

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