February Update – With What’s Going On Behind The Scenes

O Gauge Inspection Pit - Railway Laser Lines
What’s Going On At Railway Laser Lines This Month?


I’ve no idea where January went this year! Crazily busy both on the design front and kit orders so again I must thank those who continue to support the business through these testing times we currently live in.

Moving into February and there are quite a few things happening on the drawing board with future releases, the main one being an O gauge single road servicing shed with an inspection pit and really looking forward to seeing this one through to production. The inspection pit has been designed and completed with a couple of test builds to make sure that all is good and the tick box has certainly been ticked on this. I also managed to doing the filming for the ‘How To….Build’ video series and I will keep this as a seperate video simply due to its length (nearly 50 mins) and also in case the inspection pit gets released as a stand-alone item at some point.

The depot design is about 80% there and I am currently making our demo to make sure that it all goes together as it should and filming along the way as well…….. it’ll be another long video!
There is no release date yet set for this as I do want to investigate the possibilities of lighting for the shed but hope to release it this Spring.

There is also another O gauge product that I have drawn up and hopefully this coming week, if time allows, to cut all the pieces and make one up, I’ll keep quiet on this for the moment but as soon as I’m happy with it then I’ll release more details.

Oh, and also, I’m hoping that I have found someone who is going to assist me with the lighting side of our Tower Yard Lights, so I may have some good news on this in due course. Really excited about that and I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

My attention will also be focused on going back to the two road diesel depot but making some progress on the N gauge version which I started a long time ago and it sits on the shelving at the unit looking at me and I’m sure it keeps saying ‘what about me then Steve?’ So, I have promised a few N gauge customers that this will be looked at and hopefully will be another Railway Laser Lines kit to get released this Spring and our very first N gauge product too…… ever get a feeling that I’m gonna be working late into the nights to get all this done? Thank goodness for YouTube as I have railway videos on in the background whilst I’m busy designing away in the office at home. It keeps me out of mischief, that’s for sure!

Anyway, as you can see, plenty happening behind the scenes to keep me busy and for the latest news on any of the above, keep an eye out on our Facebook page, so pop on over and have a look and give us a ‘like’ if you haven’t already….thank you

Happy modelling