Gresty ‘O’ Pre-Production In Full Swing

O Guage Laser Kit - Diesel Service and fuelling shed - Railway Laser Lines

Having started the ‘Gresty’ design in OO gauge, I actually decided to concentrate on doing the O gauge one first as I really wanted to see how this would look and to say I’m pleased is an understatement….it looks awesome, plus it’s huge!
It comes in at a mighty 661mm in length and to be honest, I’ve not seen any modern image shed anywhere near this size (available as a kit!)
Based on the servicing/fuelling shed at Gresty Bridge, Crewe, I have put my own spin on it and so far on the pre-production model, everything is simply falling into place….a huge relief!
The base even has a long fuel drain for those accidental spillages that occur and once all weathered up, this will really look the part. I’m hoping that this will also be available on the OO gauge kit that will follow shortly after (with any luck!)
The corrugated roof emulates the real shed with integrated glass panels, albeit ours will come with some superb surround trims just to finish it off.
Hopefully, time permitting, this pre-production kit will be completed this weekend and its launch will be Thursday 29th August.
Pricing is still to be finalised but will be the best value premium O gauge kit on the market around £100.

2 thoughts on “Gresty ‘O’ Pre-Production In Full Swing

    • Steve says:

      Its coming Tarik…it’s coming. Once I have the O gauge verison done and out the way, I can turn my attention to making the OO gauge one better than the original as will have got ideas from this build that I’m hoping to bring to the OO guage version.

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