Designing and Building A OO Gauge Inspection Pit

OO Gauge fully Lit Inspection Pit - Railway Laser Lines

With the start of a new OO gauge diesel depot kit which will be based upon the old Severn Tunnel Diesel Depot, I have decided that this kit will include an inspection pit, especially as the depot actually had one, so it kind of makes sense even though I’ve never designed one before.

So, over the weekend, I set out to design the pit which would also accommodate a fully working LED light option.

Yesterday, I managed to cut a first sample and it has gone together really well and made it up using no glue whatsoever! (of course, I would always recommend using glue when making our kits).
With a strip of LED lighting, I’ve added a side framebox that the strip slides into and the initial reaction from looking at it is positive. I’m sure I’ll end up making some minor adjustments…… I normally do!

Will this become available as a stand-alone kit? Who knows but it could well be the start of our future depot kits getting them added to them.

Watch this space as they say!

Stay safe.