Mini Gresty Shed in ‘O’ Gauge Coming Soon!

O Gauge Laser Kit - Gresty Shed - Railway Laser Lines

Our Gresty Service Shed has proved to be a very popular kit, especially in OO gauge and I lost count of the number of these ordered over the past month or two, so a big thank you to those that purchased this kit.
I also did the kit in ‘O’ gauge and the size was huge……nearly 700mm in length, but what a great feature to have on your layout.

Just before Christmas, I was asked by a customer if I could reduce the size of the ‘O’ gauge kit by one section at each end as the customer didn’t require one so long. So, I duly obliged and the customer had his kit delivered over the festive period.

It led me to think that with a lot more ‘ready-to-run’ stock now coming into the ‘O’ gauge market and noticing that there also seems to be a transition of people moving up to this gauge and doing shunting layouts in their spare room, garage, shed etc. So, rather than just settle on a slightly reduced ‘Gresty’, why not reduce it even more to allow these new modellers to the gauge, to have small service shed that would easily accommodate a class 03/class 08 shunter and even a class 20 locomotive.

So, without further ado, over Christmas, I set out to simplify the design and to have a small shed. Mini ‘Gresty’ is approx 375mm in length and is a simple stabling shed, without the fuelling point that its big brother has.

I’ve cut a sample kit and at present am in the middle of the build (see image above) and also filming it as I go along in readiness to have a ‘How To…..’ build video of this ‘O’ gauge kit which should be available within the next week or so, with any luck!

What I like about this shed is its unique design, with a two-layer roof system and a number of windows to allow the natural light in. Like the ‘OO’ gauge kit, I will more than likely offer this kit with or without windows to give customers a choice and also to save a little bit extra money off as well.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page…….. for up to date information about the kit and its availability.

Stay Safe.