New 2 Road Shed in O Gauge

O gauge laser cut 2 road servicing shed - Railway Laser Lines

Last weekend saw what was hopefully the finishing touches to the all-new 2 road shed in O gauge design and today, I managed to cut the majority of the kit and bring it back hoem to do a dry test-fit.

No immediate errors came to light, so later this week I will be putting this together and priming/painting it to see how it looks and to make any final adjustments before going to production on this kit, hopefully by the end of this month.

The eagerly awaited O gauge single road shed should hopefully be in production too. Just waiting for the last materials to arrive back in stock and then I can make some of these kits for waiting customers.

Stay safe and alert!

2 thoughts on “New 2 Road Shed in O Gauge

    • Steve says:

      Hi Anthony
      The answer to your question is No, it won’t have an end wall as was designed to simply be a through road servicing shed. However, there are plans to be bring out a 2 road maintenance depot that is a dead-end shed. I could ‘custom’ make an end wall for this I guess but custom work is a lot more expensive as you pay for the additional design time for the work. Contact me to discuss if you want to have this done.

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