New Product Launch – Railings

o gauge depot railings - railway laser lines

I think it was just before lockdown that I looked at doing some O gauge railings in readiness for my layout and also to sell on. A bit of homework on some depot photographs and lineside equipment, I manged to find a railing supplier who had some great images, so started to design away. Eventually, I got around to finishing them and then did a test cut with some 1mm MDF and wasn’t happy at all with the result as the MDF is so thin that at any point the railings would snap too easy, so these didn’t pass QC and the design was sent to the ‘find another material drawer’.

Forward to July and we had been given some help by some Dutch people who do modelling and we asked them if they had any material that they used or knew of that could help us moving forward with our product range.

BINGO! a flexible material that looks very much like MDF but bends like card. We were sent some samples over and these literally arrived a few days ago and out came the railings design to test again and very pleased, in fact, extremely pleased with the result because once cut, these railing could bend with no worries of snapping, although I’m sure at some point in the bend they may well do, but this was good enough to use.

A test prime and paint and he we have it, a new product that initially we have launched in O gauge and I’m sure that moving forward, the OO gauge version won’t be far behind.

So, ModelBord is our branded name for this material and already my head is full of ideas that we can make use of this material moving forward…..

Exciting times ahead that’s for sure.