New Two Road OO Gauge Diesel Depot

Two Road Modern Diesel Depot Laser Cut Kit - Railway laser Lines
Over the festive period, I started the design of the new two road OO gauge modern diesel maintenance depot and this kit would make an ideal addition to the West Hill Wagon Works interior depot kit.

Back in October at the Great Electric Train Show in Milton Keynes, I was fortunate enough to be given a sample of the West Hill Wagon Works new OO gauge depot interior kit that was launched. This kit was designed to fit inside the Bachmann shed but with this shed being mainly of bricks and some tiny windows, their kit was crying out for a 'modern' style diesel depot that was mainly glazing to be made to highlight the interior kit.

So, over a couple of days, having already made my sample interior kit, I came up with a new design and this month have been working on the pre-production model and fitting it together, filming it as I go along.
We're now on the 25th January and fast approaching the end of the build of the through road version; there will be a dead-end option available too.
Our new kit will also come in two variaties, a standard and premium, the latter having all the bells and whistles on it for the more serious modeller.
So, with any luck, we should see this being released next month.

The O gauge Peterborough Servicing Shed has been completed and I need to go through the plethora of videos to edit and make up the 'How To.....' build series of this one up and then hopefully look at a March release, subject to material availability as at present. There are a couple of size materials that I cannot currently get, hence me not rushing to get the editing done and this released.

After the two road shed is released, I'll get back to work on finishing the 3 road Old Oak Common Fuelling shed with hopefully a late Spring release.

I'm also working on trying to get the O gauge 150ft Marshalling Yard Tower Light done too and hopefully have now got the final top 3 framing correct, so need to work out the interior ladders and base supports with railings ready to get a test cut done. I'm hoping to get these done ready for Simon's Heaton Lodge showing in late March.

So, lots going on as always, never a dull moment at Railway Laser Lines!