O Gauge Single Road Depot

O Gauge single Road Diesel Depot From Railway Laser Lines

The O gauge single road through depot that I have been working on in the background is as good as finished, with just some side gutter strips to make up and some weathering to do.

This thing is HUGE! considering its just a single road shed, measuring 590mm x 230mm and have to say that I am extremely pleased with how this has come out. I must try and find some lights to put inside it and bring it to life!

The kit should be available in March as I’m not in a position to be able to supply any kits at the moment but hopefully will be very soon and can get back to creating these kits for you, so appreciate the patience with the forthcoming kits that are due to be released.

2 thoughts on “O Gauge Single Road Depot

  1. Ian says:

    Hi Steve,
    Nice work on the O gauge shed, I’m looking forward to getting one however I’m not confident to be able to build it (Disability) without making mistakes.

    With the foot print it has, it will sit nicely on Alesmead to serve has a repair shed/wagon shop.

    Let me know when it’s ready for ordering and I’ll get the money together has the Facebook page alerts never seem to work for when ever you make posts to the page.

    Thank You.

    Ian Sells ( The Alesmead Project)

    • Steve says:

      Hi Ian
      Facebook will only send out posts to certain amount I’m led to believe, so it’s worth checking every now and again.
      I’m hoping to get the O gauge single road shed available to purchase in the first week of March, so hopefully not too long now.

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