O Gauge Single Road & Two Road Nearing Completion

O gauge single road laser cut diesel depot - railwaylaserlines.co.uk

I was hoping to have released the two road servicing shed this coming week but unfortunately it will be delayed until the end of the month.
It’s been busy with orders and there’s only so much one can do, but we’re certainly not complaining, it just means that things get pushed back a little.

Today, even though I had a banging headache for a good 5 hours, managed to do some more work on building the single road dead-end version and I hope to complete this in the next week and then it will be a case of writing up the instructions from the notes taken during the build.

I’ve still got to do the instructions for the 2 road shed. The parts list has been done, so wll do my utmost best to get this finished within the week.

Thank you to all of those who I know are waiting for these two items for your patience. It will be worth the wait.

Have a great week and happy modelling.