O Gauge Wagon Repair Shed Under Test

O Gauge Laser Cut Kit - Wagon Repair Shed - Railway Laser Lines

With the laser machine now as good as running, it was a chance to do a first test cut of the o gauge version of the Wagon Repair Shed and managed to cut about 90% of the kit and over the coming evenings will no doubt start putting this together to test it all and iron out any issues.
Unfortunately, when takin a OO gauge design, it not just a simple case of increasing everything by 175% because this gives weird and wonderful sizes and we can only laser cut in sizes of MDF, card, acetate etc that are available to us.
I did manage to do a quick ‘dry test’ fit earlier just to see and have noticed a couple of things that will need addressing…..nothing major, but on first looks, it’s actually gone together very well.
It could be a busy month or so ahead with this design, the release of the O gauge Toton cabin and also the O gauge single road diesel depot, which will then be adapted to the OO gauhe market.
Nothing like being kept busy!

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