RLL6203rs OO Gauge Diesel Depot kit

RLL-620-3RS/3RSNB/3RSSF/3RSTR OO Gauge Diesel Depot

David Watson aka Dean Park on YouTube builds Railway Laser Lines 2 Road Diesel Depot Kit

Watch Dave at Dean Park build our 2 road, 4 loco diesel depot shed

OO Gauge Laser Cut Kit - Toton Fuel Store and Maintenance Office

Watch Richard Hughes from St.Michaels’ Hill build the Toton Cabin


The latest video from our YouTube Channel.

The 'Canton' Pump building gets a little bit more work done to it, with concrete lintels and ledges being painted and the non-painted kit version being put together too.
A kit (shown in the photos) has gone out to Richard Hughes to test out too and I'm sure Richard is going to be doing a video on the kit build as well. With any luck, we'll have this kit out by the end of the month in OO gauge.
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