Severn Tunnel Diesel Depot In Design & Construction

Severn Tunnel Diesel Depot - Railway Laser Lines

Steady progress is being made with our next kit, the OO gauge Severn Tunnel single road servicing shed.

Although the building still exists today, it is no longer attached to the rail network and at present unsure if it’s in Network Rail’s ownership.

The locomotive shed was built in 1967 forming of a single road shed with inspection pit and also then had a side extension to house a number of rooms. The brickwork pattern was completely different to that of the main shed, so it will be an interesting design when it comes to replicating that!

The roof also had 6 outlet vents which certainly makes this a unique build and we are more than likely to get the vent tops 3D printed, with the rest made from MDF and our ModelBord.

I’m certainly enjoying the design of this one and really looking forward to when this kit is built and all painted up.

There’s a lot of parts to this kit, so i’t not a 5 minute cheapo shed. This will be a premium product and have not found anything else out there that will be a comparison. Most probably the closest is the Bachmann ‘Peterborough’ single road which has proved a popular shed withh OO gauge modellers, so hopefully we’ll convert a number of these and our kit also has the side buildings too.

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